WoodGreen Membership

Members are entitled to attend meetings of the Members and to hear reports on WoodGreen’s progress, receive the annual financial statements, and vote on matters put forward for approval, including the election of Directors, the appointment of auditors, and other special business properly brought before the meeting and which requires the approval of the Members of WoodGreen. Members also receive program updates, online recognition and invites to special events.

WoodGreen’s Members from April 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016

  • Patricia F. Abels
  • Martha Adair
  • Margaret J. Ayley
  • Dan Baluchi
  • Bill Boyd
  • Doug Brady
  • Sue Brady
  • Rose Cammareri
  • Ann Elizabeth Carson
  • Amy CharlesChiu
  • Peggy M.H. Clancey
  • Rev. Dr. Ian A. Clark
  • Sheila M. Clarke
  • Marion Cornell
  • Joyce T. Culbertson
  • Alvin Douglas
  • Barbara M. Dunn
  • Romeo Fernandez
  • Cora E. Finch
  • Ellen Foley
  • Gary Folkes
  • Joan E. Forsyth
  • Mary L. Fox
  • Norman Fraser
  • Jan Goddard
  • Martin S. Goldberg
  • Patrick J. Grist
  • Joan M. Harvey
  • Eva-Maria Hofmann
  • Kuo-Chen Hong
  • Tzu-Ho Hong
  • Andrew Hui
  • Valerie A. Jacobs
  • May D. Jenkins
  • William J. Keay
  • Esther M.S. Lee
  • Hsia Yun Ling
  • Isabel MacIver
  • Janet Mannone
  • Janice Markandu
  • Mark Markandu
  • Valerie A. Markwell
  • Elizabeth A. Martin
  • Robert W. Martin
  • Barbara A. McCutcheon
  • Sheila McGinley
  • Blanche M. Mitchell
  • Larry P. Morassutti
  • Virginia L. O'Reilly
  • Margaret S. Pinchen
  • Raymond V. Pinchen
  • Judith M Preece
  • Ed Reed
  • Kay Rudge
  • Norah E. Schraivogel
  • Harold Sillito
  • Jacqueline Sillito
  • Dorothy Smiles
  • Joyce W. Smiles
  • Brian F.C. Smith
  • Maureen G. Smith
  • Chris Tossos
  • Wilhelm G. Voth
  • Barbara Warner
  • James Wilson

Who Can Become a Member?

Members are individuals who support the vision, mission and values of WoodGreen Community Services (WoodGreen), have made qualifying donations, are 18 years of age or older, and declare that they want to be a member by submitting a completed membership form.

To learn more go to: http://www.woodgreen.org/GetInvolved/BecomeaMember.aspx

Or email

WoodGreen Board Directors are also Members of WoodGreen.