Stephanie Nickle with Sennah and Teoh Van De Bruaene
80 Years 1937-2017
Stephanie Nickle, Manager of Woodfield Child Care with siblings Sennah (age 5) & Teoh (age 2) Van De Bruaene.

Caring for children: a founding pillar of service

From a single room 80 years ago, WoodGreen’s Child Care and Family Services Unit now serves more than 700 children through 7 licensed child care centres, summer camps, After 4 programming and Special Needs Resourcing.

For 80 years, WoodGreen’s child care has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of the diverse communities we serve. Access to high quality, licensed child care is an integral piece of support for local families, enabling parents to work, go to school or look for employment. Child care has been a pillar of WoodGreen’s services since our founding in 1937.

Across 7 welcoming, bright and busy child care centres, WoodGreen’s highly trained staff deliver a curriculum based on the most up-to-date practices, designed to respond to each child's individual needs and interests.

“From day one, WoodGreen has been incredibly supportive to our family. Our son has special needs and he has been welcomed with open arms into the child care at WoodGreen’s Enderby location. The ECE teachers along with the amazing resource teacher have been incredibly patient and caring with Simon and as a result he has really flourished under their care. It is not easy leaving our child in other people’s hands but the huge smile on his face at the start and end of every daycare day speaks for itself to the amazing care he receives. We will miss the wonderful services of WoodGreen when our son starts school this September. Thank you WoodGreen and congratulations on your 80th anniversary!”

- Sincerely, Suzy and Jonathan

Jessica Wong, Stephanie Nickle and Elaine Levy
Jessica Wong, Manager of Child Care Services, Stephanie Nickle, Manager of Woodfield, and Elaine Levy, VP Child Care & Family Services

In 2001, WoodGreen became part of Toronto First Duty, a pilot program that looked at new ways of supporting children and families. The Bruce/WoodGreen Early Learning Centre became one of 5 pilot sites in Toronto to model a full day kindergarten program. WoodGreen’s model had two important components – children were taught using a play-based curriculum and classrooms were staffed by a combination of a certified teacher and an early childhood educator. The success of the Bruce/WoodGreen program also played a key role in the development of Ontario’s Full Day Kindergarten model.

The work of our highly skilled child care staff also extends far beyond the classroom. WoodGreen staff share their tremendous expertise with external partners including the Ministry of Education, the Toronto District School Board, Toronto Children’s Services and the broader early learning sector.

WoodGreen’s child care staff can act as a referral for parents to other programs WoodGreen offers including employment services, newcomer services, financial empowerment programs and so many more.

Over the years thousands of children have thrived at WoodGreen, forged lasting friendships and as perhaps the best possible endorsement, have even returned to enroll their own children in our child care centres!