WoodGreen’s Human Resources Team
80 Years 1937-2017
WoodGreen’s Human Resources Team from left to right: Randall Freeborn, Frances Ray, Heidi Van, Talia Fine and Bruce Graham.

The power of the WoodGreen Team

This has been a very special year for WoodGreen. Our 80th Anniversary has provided a wonderful chance for reflection and what stands out are the countless opportunities our team of remarkable employees made for the great people of Toronto.

We have seen a lot of change since the handful of employees who worked alongside our founder, Rev. Ray McCleary in 1937. The WoodGreen Team is now comprised of more than 750 employees, each of whom is working hard to make a difference in the lives of the clients we serve.

WoodGreen has become a top employer, boasting a talented team of staff spanning a remarkable group of Personal Support Workers, social work and mental health professionals, housing and homelessness support workers, child care staff, volunteer services, financial counsellors, employment specialists and newcomer settlement staff. Our dedicated group of HR, IT, finance, communications and administrative staff support the daily operations of the organization, keeping our back office running smoothly.

We are innovators in our space, always looking through the lens of how we can better serve our clients. It would be a daunting task to count the number of new initiatives that WoodGreen employees have developed over the years. As you flip through the pages of this special 80th Anniversary Annual Report, you’ll see examples of how WoodGreen’s innovative programs are helping to break the cycle of poverty, build strong communities, support independence and create opportunities for our 37,000 clients. Without the tireless work of our staff, we’d have no stories to tell.

Day after day, our clients talk to me about the quality of the service they receive from us. Our staff’s commitment is truly a way of life and I am moved by the profound desire of this team to go above and beyond their already challenging workload.

Thank you, WoodGreen Team. You inspire me each day, and I am proud to be your leader.

Anne Babcock's signature
Anne Babcock, President & CEO
WoodGreen Community Services

Some of the graduates of WoodGreen College, our new management training program.